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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun


Spinda wavered slightly, as if he were stirring, but this didn't last long, as Ace increased the intensity of his lullaby and began to blow a much more concentrated blast of cold air at the Spinda. The attack hit his sleeping foe head on, and while it wasn't a very powerful attack to begin with, it was able to deal a bit of damage.

Felix picked up the Parkball and threw it at Spinda once again. It bounced off the ground and popped open, sucking the sleeping panda inside. The ball dropped to the ground and wiggled, but this time it actually stopped, and let out a small ping that meant Spinda was caught.

Ren let out a small round of applause, mostly for Ace's benefit. "Great show!" she cheered, "Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Spinda! They're such cute Pokemon, so peculiar. Are you going to name it?"

Wild Pokemon
Lax M Spinda w/Tangled Feet
22% SLP-3

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Felix Haru
Location: The Woods
Area Effects: Mist
Encounters: 5

Trainer's Pokemon
Jolly F Delcatty w/Cute Charm <Out of ball>
EMs: Protect, Suckerpunch

Calm F Dragonite w/Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: Rain Dance, Sub, Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool

Naive F Butterfree w/Compoundeyes <In ball>
EMs: Psychic, HP Electric, Solarbeam, Nightmare

Careful M Gallade w/Steadfast <In ball>
EMs: Sub, Swagger, Trick Room, Sleep Talk, HP Dragon, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, EQ, T-Wave, Skill Swap, Toxic, Snatch, Rest, Shadow Ball, X-Scissor, T-bolt, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Taunt, Safeguard, Reflect, Light Screen, Natural Gift, Fling, Poison Jab, Charge Beam, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch

Sassy M Abomasnow w/Snow Warning <In battle>
EMs: Grass Knot, Hail, EQ
100% (Ingrained)

Items: Parkballs x 9, Super Balls x 3, Hyper Balls x 3, Supreme Parkball x 1, Digital Camera, Digital Camera Powerlens, Max Potion x 2, Full Heal x 2
Pokemon Encountered:Lickitung, Christmas Delibird (Special Encounter), Rattata, Surskit, Ledyba, Ursaring, Pinsir, Primeape, Shuckle, Meowth, Spinda
Pokemon Caught: Serious M Lickitung, Rash M Pinsir, Lax M Spinda

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