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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

I couldn't believe my luck as a Riolu came skipping toward us, attracted by its own computerised voice.

I quickly pulled out a Pokeball from my Pocket, and tossing it up in the air, called out my Togekiss. It had been to the Park twice with me, but this time, the surroundings were drastically different - instead of the usual bright sunny and warm environment, this was relatively cold and dark. However, it wasn't too unbearingly cold yet, as we hadn't gone too deep into the mountain yet.

"Let's begin this, Togekiss," I said. "I want you to target Riolu with an Air Slash, but be very careful. Don't knock it out."

Togekiss nodded, and began readying for the attack. She closed her eyes, and then after around a minute's wait, unexpectedly launched herself into the air, swiftly flying towards the higher reaches of the atmosphere. Togekiss quickly started gaining altitude, and after reaching considerable height, began circling in the air. She was visible as a mere speck in the sky, and after about another half a minute or so, she started the journey downwards.

As she sped downwards, she manipulated the air around her, so that swift currents of air started flowing from her side towards the opponent. Togekiss could mainpulate these bursts of winds as weapons, which dug into the enemy's skin like sharp pointed daggers. Once Togekiss was quite close to the ground, she flapped her wings extremely hard, targeting the Riolu. However, this wasn't Togekiss' best. She had deliberately weakened her attack a little bit, so that Riolu remained conscious.


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