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Default Trainer Stats

Yeah, to get straight to the point, I'd like to suggest an increase in the number of posts allowed for our Trainer Stats to 4, as opposed to the current 3. (That is, the first post and 3 replies instead of the first post and 2 replies)

Basically, we have the first post for general details, money, items, trades, battle record etc etc. Second post for their first 40 mons, third post for other Pokemon (in case of 40+ moons) and the last post for gyms stats and other miscellaneous stuff. (Of course, this format might be different from people to people, but there still will around 4 posts required.)

Sure, this could be condensed into three posts, but then it would look really cluttered. The limit is also one of the basic reasons why many people have shifted their stats from pe2k to Proboards and other forums. This means that the URPG mods lose the ability to check up on past details, if needed, on such forums.

And at the end of the day, I don't really see how it affects the URPG and/or Pe2k badly in any way. There are thousands of new posts everyday, it's not like another post per URPG member is going to make the forum crash or something.

(The only other reason I can think of having this limit is that when the URPG began, no need was felt for more than three posts since no one had more than 40 Pokemon, and then it hasn't been changed since.)


EDIT: Maybe we could have it like this that 3 posts for people with 40 or less Pokemon and 4 posts for people with more than 40 Pokemon (and such a increase with every 40 Pokemon)?


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