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Default Re: Masami's [Espeon Rinage's] Final Ref Book

Gameboy Clause
Helds Off
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
OHKO Clause
Freeze Clause
Sleep Clause
All Pokemon know the gym's TM

Leader: Sec:
Crobat: Hypnosis, U-Turn, roost, Brave Bird
Gengar: HP Fire, Explosion, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball
Forretress: Gyro Ball, Explosion, Spikes, Rapid Spin.

Challanger: Flammenwerfer:
Magnezone: Supersonic, Magnet Rise, T-Wave, Dishcharge.
Flygon: EQ, Flamethrower, Sandstorm, Dragon Claw
Scizor: Swords Dance, Bullet Punch, Double Team, Wing Attack

Oh em dear. Crobat uturned Into Gengar. Magenezone Supersoniced, Magnet Rised, Twaved then Discharged Gengar into destruction (Gengar hit itself 3 times...), HOWEVER! Gengar put Magne into sleep first. Then Fortress came in, setup spikes, Exploded Killing itself and Magenezone. Crobat sleep whored Flygon and got a lucky maximum sleep roll, Brave Birding and Roosting TILL THE END. Scizor came in, it got very intersing. Scizor Swords Danced up, Hypnosis HIT! And Scizor was stricken down, to the ground, with the lowly peasents...
HOWEVER, It woke up as soon as possible and won with Bullet Punches.


Flammen: 2000 + TM Sludge Bomb + Soul Badge
Sec: 1000 + Fail.
Me: 1500, I believe I should get a 5500 bonus for the awesome log, but I know I won't. =[

TOTAL: 17000 (Should be 21000! But it aint! :'()
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