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Default URPG Youtube?

So I'm sick today (I'm at home, lying on my couch right now and been falling asleep a lot today). So well I was sleeping earlier, I had a idea. Why not make a URPG Youtube Account? It can be full of monthly updates about the URPG (as in events, big FFAs, trivia, give aways, ect) and Trainer Tips (Refs, Graders, Ect can give tips on how to improve their game!). This is also a great idea because a lot of kids on BMG/Pe2k can't read as well as others for example; Pokemon was meant for 10 years and just reading the ref test sounds like one of my exams for school. Just think of it as another way to teach and get information. What would you rather do watch a movie in class or do text book work?

Plus, If you need anyone to give out the monthly updates; I'll gladly do them (I am getting a 92 percent in Advance Video/Audio Class (Aka Com Tech) plus I have Sony Vagas Pro on my computer plus a camera.


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