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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

I drew my jacket closer towards me as I walked on towards the large looming mountain peak.

"Wow, it's cold here," I said to myself. I had reached the Docks Outpost, and apparently all the teleporters and other transportation means were out of order. I had been told to walk, and walking in this weather, especially towards the cold chilling mountain was no easy task.

However, not giving hope, I finally made the journey till the Outpost, and stepping into the warm hall, brushed some off the snow off my jacket.


I walked towards the Help Desk, and after a few enquiries, was directed towards the far end of the hall, where I pushed open one of the doors.

"Hi, I'm Iridium," I began. "And you would be…

My ranger and his Manectric turned suddenly towards, and at once a familiar figure looked at me in the face.

"Oh, it's you again, Jake," I said, with a smile. "Nice meeting you," I finished, shaking hands.

We proceeded towards the mountain immediately, without much talk. It was too cold to be talking anyway.

Once we got at the base of the mountain, I quickly pulled out the Pokeplayer I had purchased last time. I also took out a small brown coloured disk, that had a picture of a small blue-and-black pokemon on it, and slid the disk into the Pokeplayer.

"Let's get going," I said, in a whisper, as wisps of fog came out from my mouth. I pushed the Play button and immediately, the voice of a Pokemon started coming out of the player.

Rio, Rio, Rioluuuuu

OOC: Thanks for getting this up, Medz :) And I'll be use my Riolu Voice Disk


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