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Default Re: Masami's [Espeon Rinage's] Final Ref Book

Normal Terrain
No Items

Vanity: Scizor
Nonpain: Aggron

Can you imagine how fun this was to ref?
EspeonRin 8:22 am
No atk raise.
Scizor 90.98% x.X Atk + 6
Aggron 74.70% Def + 6

(novea12) protect aggron
EspeonRin 8:29 am
[practicebattlelol] 8:29 am
espeonrin rolled 1 100-sided die: 1
EspeonRin 8:29 am
[practicebattlelol] 8:29 am
(nevershoutryaan) why do you hate me james. T.T
EspeonRin 8:29 am
for the 3rd time in a row..

Vanity won by Flinch and accuracy hax in the end.

Vanity: 1000
Nonpain: 500
Me: 500

TOTAL: 4000
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