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Default Re: First Things First

Originally Posted by Mars_God_of_War View Post
Hello all. I'm sure most of you do not know me, or even recognize me. I was here in the forums for a month or so in '09. My friend convinced me to log back in and post again. So, here I am doing as so. I really never liked the place a WHOLE lot to be truthful. But anyways, never mind that. I have questions to ask. First of all, where can I buy any Pokemon for myself? Second, It says I have $3500. Which I find REALLY hard to believe. Third, what is this bank you speak of? I can has bank? Lastly, I could not find and introduction forum. (Which I find necessary to run a forum of this size.) So, if there is one, please direct me to it so I can re-introduce myself.
There isn't an introduction forum. There's an introduction thread.