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Default Re: Has anybody played the episodes on Sky?

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
Well, I unlocked all of 'em, but I've only really finished Wigglytuff's. So cute. X3

But... the weird / annoying thing is... I can't play any at all anymore! The "Episode List" option is highlighted red, and when I hover over it it says, "Once a Special Episode has started, you cannot begin another Special Episode." AND IM NOT FRIKING ON ONE AT ALL!!! It pisses me off. I'm NOT in the middle of any. It even doesn't ask me if I wanna continue the episode when I go to, "Start Game" which is proof that I'm not in the middle and any ****** Special Episode....
Grr. You'll have to excuse my temper atm... my laptop's been pissing me off all day. >_>
I got Igglybuff and Sunflora to go, but need to have more Revive Seeds and room in my storage before I play them. I might play the Grovyle one again. The one with Team Charm was TERRIBLE! The Lopunny was hopeless with Xray specs and the team died about 3 times. Luckily had Revive seeds to save them, but their stats were terrible. I'm noting to have Life Seeds in storage to up the stats on Igglybuff and Sunflora.