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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by arcemegus View Post
Perhaps they might come up with something random for a trio, like Fire/Rock/Steel.

Not a bad idea for a new storyline; however, wouldn't that mean that 1/3 of the pokemon would be legendary due to the exponential increase since the 1st gen, or would that mean there would be a legendary trio and two filler legendaries, just like the 1st gen?

In other related Black and White crap: Ash and Pikachu being replaced? A friend on facebook already said that the story was rebuked by Serebii, so feel free to put in your imput.
Yeah, the articles false. I don't see why they're making a big deal out of it being rebranned anyway, considering the name was changed way back in Hoenn to Advanced Generation and then Diamond and Pearl in Sinnoh. In fact, it's not being called just "Pokemon," on its own, since the original saga, and Ash and Pikachu have stayed for every generation regardless. They're basically making a mountain out of a molehill, and like Serebii mentioned, totally twisting what was originally said.
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