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Default Re: I think we should try something new.

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post
I agree to a certain extent. However, insead of trying something new, as you say, I personally think we should aim to improve the boards that we currently have, since, well, some are pretty dismal. I'm probably going to sound like a broken record here, but sections like the Pokemon anime/magna board are dire, and are overrun by duplicate threads and spam-filled topics, which is a shame, imo, since it's a subject that many probably have some kind of interest in. I'm not going to sit and criticise the mods for not overlooking every section constantly, because that's totally unfair, but some could really do with a complete overhaul, if only to attract some decent discussions. I know that if some of the sections were less occupied by pointless crap, I'd be much more inclined to contribute.

Just my two cents on the matter.
Agreed. I think if a few people made more of an effort to contribute to discussions every now and again, others would follow suit and we'd actually get a lot more topics going. I've made a couple of threads in the Pokemon: FireRed/LeafGreen and the Pokemon: N64/Gamecube/Wii boards to try and draw some attention there, and I plan on doing so with other boards. Little things make a big difference, guys.
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

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