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Default Re: I think we should try something new.

Originally Posted by Sequentio View Post
I have to agree with this statement.
If we could clean-up the boards and make them a bit more accessable, I think that would help the current pe2kers.

Also, if everyone is concerned with "bringing life back to pe2k", why not afflite some of the larger communities to increase traffic? Not to mention, the last update on the site was February 10th or so. It's now the middle of April. Updated news keeps people coming back for more.
We're actively trying to find ways to update the actual websites. Keep in mind that many of us are actually trying to get things done and have laid out plans as such. It really would only require the cooperation of Ryan when he returns that we'll set things into motion. Until then, we just...wait.

If there are things that are of concern to you about say the website, do feel free to leave Ryan or any of us a PM/visitor message.
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