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Default Re: I think we should try something new.

The rules aren't actually all that strict if you honestly think about it. A lot of the Mods let quite the lot of things go with little to no action at all. Most times a member gets a warning or talking to about what they did.

When a member does get disciplinary action, it's due to a bunch of contributing reasons. They've been let go before numerous times, Not heeding the warnings that are given, crossing the line with their own actions, and finally causing an over all problem amongst members.

It's not so much a problem that you can't chat on the board itself, it's the fact that there is hardly any substance to the post that are being made. A lot of which would be considered spam if you like.

Essentially it comes down to us a members of this community. A lot of people here seem to blow things out of proportion on what they SHOULD be able to do here. When we have rules and guide lines here stating what we can do. All we have to do is simply follow them.

As was earlier stated, we're a Pokemon Forum. The Mixed/Other boards are a privilege really. They didn't have to be made by Ryan. He made them as a place for us to go and just talk about things that aren't Pokemon. Is it really hard to carry ones self in a dignified and mature manner, while still making funny and on topic post?

ANYWAYS, if I really wanted to I'm sure I could find heaps of reasons to just give infractions, lock threads, and ban people with a good amount of reasons! I don't though! :3

Didn't read?

Rules are fine, not strict really. Action is taken when it's required. Members like to spam! Just follow the rules and you'll have fun! It's always about Pokemon, with a side of other stuff!
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