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Default Re: I think we should try something new.

I agree with Neo on that. I think that PE2K is more of a smaller, closer forum, and not like Serebii with loads of active members. That's why I like PE2K. Because it's just the few of us that are active, so we get to know each other, and new members are welcomed in with open arms. Whereas on places like Serebii, I've found that it's like thousands of people, and you dont really know many people, and when your new, no one really cares, because it's no much of a big deal.

The thing is, you get to know everyone here. You get to know who to turn to for spriting, or RPs or the URPG, or anything. You get to express yourself, and have loads of people there to listen. You get to learn new things and "grow-up" in certain things, and there will always be people there to help. And then, in turn, you get to help aswell.

I personally like the fact that I do know most of the active members on here, and to me, it just makes it feel a lot more friendly.

Meh, I dunno, that's what I think.

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