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Default Re: I think we should try something new.

Sorry guys, but I've been here for over 6 years, this is actually a very usual pattern and the vets I've known has left for these same reasons. PE2K has its high and low moments, this is something you either get used to, or you find somewhere else to go. Sorry if it seems like this is a rather sour way to throw in the towel, but I've seen this happen again and again, and its tiring. HKim will throw in his speeches to try and "rally the troops" to get PE2K idea think tanks going, and the only thing this really does is repeat history. Ryan has made it clear that he doesn't want this forum to be as big as Serebii and PokeCommunity, so all I'm saying is that if this forum isn't active enough for your tastes, you'll probably be happier with one of the larger ones. PE2K is definitely more of a smaller, closer knit "small country town" kind of forum in comparison to the "big city" forums like Serebii that have very active sites.

Now, I'm not saying everyone should go and quit, but if these kinds of downtimes bother you, well, there's other sites out there. The downtimes happen, sometimes members will come, sometimes the well of interest and activity will run dry. Heck, PE2K activity is definitely like the stock market in that sense.

Trust me, I tried to contemplate what would really help boost this place. Sometimes we came up with ideas, but most of the time the solutions were really only short term. People just don't really care for the War anymore, and the other sections just don't have the same charm anymore. As for the "rules being too strict," I haven't really seen too many bans being handed out just for casual chat. But yeah, PE2K isn't really a forum for loony spam or anything like that.

So yeah, this is kind of how its always been. Wish I could tell you that exciting and massively active periods are in the days to come ahead, but yeah, I've been here for six years... I'm not so sure anymore.

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