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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

I kept my eyes pierced on the sleeping Shellos. It caught my attention after a while.

"Sure, I'll catch it," I said. I reached inside my pocket and grasped a Pokeball. My hand came out of my pocket with the right Pokeball.

"Heheh," I laughed out loud and smirked. I tossed the red-white sphere into the sky, and out came a Pokemon in a blinding white light.

"Go, Electivire!" I shouted. The large human-like Pokemon with immense forearms and legs emerged from the Pokeball.

"V-V-iiiire," It said after it appeared. Several jolts of electrical currents surged his outer body, as I stood there looking at how prepared my Pokemon was for this moment.

"Use Thunderpunch!" I commanded it.

The large yellow Pokemon pulled its right arm back, while electricity was surrounding his fist. His hand soon became consumed in little discharges, as it launched his fist at the sleeping Pokemon.
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