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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Dark/Fighting/Psychic doesn't work, because Dark isn't just super effective against Psychic, it's immune to it.

I hope they keep Fire/Grass/Water. Dark and Psychic types should be too powerful for beginning trainers anyway. xD
In R/S/E, you can catch ralts and poochyena before the first gym. :o

The fact that dark is immune to psychic does not stop me thinking that they could be the starters.

I had a thought that I would think would be really interesting. They said that BW was the "rebirth" of the pokemon games, what if this region had none of the old pokemon in it, but 151 new pokemon in it. Now after you beat the E4, you can obtain the old pokemon. I can see people really hating this idea, but if they want a fresh start, then it's possible.
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