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Originally Posted by Operative View Post

Not like it's ever visited at all. But maybe if more news was added about new episodes/movies/chapters and such we'd get new members who watch/read it and are interested in the anime and manga. The only person doing much in that section is Adam (MODMODMOD) but that's rare as he hasn't been very active until a few days ago.

A lot of our boards are pretty much dead. We rarely see any activity in Anime/Manga, Languages, Written work and so on and so forth. I think that we need to get a big group of whoever (preferably gmods, mods and officials) to post news about their section ever so often to get some activity going.

/off topic

But yes. It would be nice to at least see titles for Angela, Ken, and such so they can add polls instead of waiting 2-3 days for Ana or Gem to add them. I know they do go around often patrolling/locking threads/deleting posts and such but I think sometimes they're just busy and i takes them a while to get to it. But I'm no sure we need much more than that, really.
I think the only reason people aren't in these dead threads is that members who actually post legit discussable topics are occupied with personal matters or play in the URPG, talk about HeartGold/SoulSilver and do Wi-Fi and Shoddy, Chat in the Chat board, obsess over artwork, or chat amongst their little groups, thus limiting the activity in the other boards and opening opportunites to allow spammers and other unwanted folk messing about in the dead boards. I therefore agree with the mods and other members who are normally active in the dead boards to add some news like spoilers of the newest anime episode for the Anime/Manga board and a writing contest for the written work board.
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