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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

The tiny bouquets located on the flowered Pokemon's hands began to emit an eerie green light. Tiny particles, which looked like bubbles, began to clump together. Suddenly, before they could form any sort of pattern, they began to gather into something the size of an orange. Her large eyes turned as green as envy as she released the Energy Ball.

"Alright Erutis. This is your chance to show how you can be both beautiful and deadly. Begin with a dodging Sweet Kiss, followed by a Safeguard. Can you do this?" Seq smiled, urging his Pokemon forward.

The bird gave a nod before extending her massive wings. She began to flutter before rising above the ground and hovering momentarily. Erutis gave a slight call of her name before gracefully gliding to and fro in the air. She first began to ascend into the sky before turning on a pivot. The Togekiss smiled as she began a steep descent, gliding over the wind-damaged grass to where the Roserade stood.

"Kiss," she repeated, puckering her lips slightly before cloaking herself in a harsh light.
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