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Ahh! Some life for this thread. If I may, I would request a team for non-uber and non-legendary maches with friends. Competitive maybe later. Im pretty new for this stuff so I really need help to get started. I have studied some forums and learned this and that, but I guess Im not capable of building a proper team yet on my own . Here are some plans I have made for this debut.

252Atk 252Spe 4Def
-stealt rock
-ice shard
-stone edge

The lead..

252Atk 252Spe 4HP

so the basic Dancingnite set. Items are yet unknown.

252SpA 252Spe 4SpD
-shadow ball
-focus blast
-sludge bomb

Special attacker..

Charizard@petaya berry
252SpA 252Spe 4Def
-sunny day
-fire blast

With substitute, blaze and sunnuday some power for attacks.. blah blah..

Im not sure if I would replace gengar with starmie (surf, thunderbolt, ice beam, recovery), but that would be just my preference to starmie (wich isnt so important compaired to effectiness in team). Starry would be more durable, but gengar has those good immunitys though..
I havent decided those last 2 yet, but I have planned a walling counter or status support like spiritomb and some walling bulki water type like milotic, vaporeon, swampert etc.

Comments, support, suggestions.. thank you in advance .
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