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Never in all of Lance's experience had Yawn come out as a cloud. As far as he remembered it was a single pink bubble that would float to the enemy and upon popping would put the enemy to sleep. Luckily Espeon had performed the Shadow Ball attack wonderfully. Lance hoped that the new Ranger's harsh statement wouldn't throw off Espeon but he was confident that it would know to ignore him.

The Bronzor seemed very weakened and looked like it would only require one more Shadowball in order for it to be wise for Lance to attempt a capture. Blazing mad, the Bronzor began firing yet another Confuse Ray attack at Espeon.

"Ew, the new ranger seems a like a little know-it-all. Sigh, I guess I should try to make the Ranger happy, otherwise he might leave like the last one," thought Lance, still a little confused about the Yawn.

"Alright Espeon, use Double Team quickly to evade Bronzor's Confuse Ray. Then, while it's confused as to where you are, fire off a Signal Beam attack but be sure not to KO it," cautioned Lance. "Espeon make sure that when you use Double Team, you don't come back to the spot that you were standing. It used Future Sight so if you do that you'll be safe because it's attack will have been focused on where you were standing."

The purple cat-like Pokemon nodded to signal that it had heard its trainer's command.
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