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Default Re: Reviving Dead Threads?

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
None of the mod/admins care enough to reply, except the new ones trying to prove their worth.

Originally Posted by PEPITO1O1O View Post
And the part about the mods and admins, I agree with you on there (I hate those type of people)
Excuse me. And what is it exactly that you have against us mods or admins? We are the same as you. But enough of that.

You asked a question. One; because it is against the rules and Ryan says so (Ryan is the admin of PE2K). Two; because if a thread is dead usually a question has been answered, everyone lost interest or no one cared enough to answer.

Agreeing with Kat's comment, you may remake a thread if you feel it needs more attention, but reviving an old thread will just cause trouble.

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