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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse

((Tee hee, it'll be worth it I swear.))


The Poochyena barked and quickly ran off into the trees, completely aware of the trainer's lack of interest.

"By the way, what was that other Pokemon? I didn't really get a good look, but from what I saw it!" Titus asked, turning to look at Ren, and she bit her lip. When an Absol showed up, especially in such a cryptic way, it meant that something terrible was going to happen. However, she didn't want to scare Titus, because there was a chance that the Absol was simply passing through, and had also been caught off guard by the random creepy howl. (It wasn't likely, but she could hope.)

"...It was nothing," she said coolly, and began to lead him down the path again, "don't worry about it." A few minutes later she came to a halt and Ren held out her arm to stop Titus. "Shh, look over there."

Several yards away a lone Haunter was cackling madly as it flew around in circles, but when they looked closer they noticed that the Haunter was making silly faces in an attempt to cheer up a Cleffa that was bawling its eyes out for some reason. Haunter sucked its eyes back into its head and opened its mouth wide, revealing that its eyeballs were now on its tongue. The Cleffa quieted down and then began to laugh as Haunter tickled it with its tongue.

Ren tried hard to stifle her giggles, but she didn't try hard enough, as the Haunter and the Cleffa stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the two trainers.

Wild Pokemon
??? ? Haunter w/Levitate

Trainer Stats
Trainer: Titus Oceanux
Location: Meteor Valley
Area Effects: None; 13 Encounters remaining

Trainer's Pokemon

Jolly M Arcanine w/Intimidate <In ball>
EMs: Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse, HP Fire, Solarbeam, Reflect, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Will-o-Wisp, Substitute, Swagger, Safeguard, Protect, Sunny Day, Morning Sun

Jolly F Togekiss w/Serene Grace <In ball>
EMs: Drain Punch, Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, T-wave

Hardy F Crobat w/Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: None

Total Items: x3 Hyper Balls, x2 Super Balls, x3 Park balls, Pokeplayer, Intermediate disc (Absol)
Pokemon Encountered: Poochyena, Haunter
Pokemon Caught: None

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