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Default Re: |||Eevee's Shiny, Event, and EV Thread||| Now Open! :D

Originally Posted by Mage View Post
I'm interested in your Charmander and treeko.
I can offer
Shiny: Torchic, Adament lv 7
Cyndaquil, Calm lv1
Mudkip, Modest lv1
Turtwig (Razor) Modest, lv2
Piplup, Hardy lv1
Charizard, Quirky lv47
Sceptile, Rash lv36
Sahrpedo, Adament lv31
^All shiny and Legit. c:
=O <3 Lol. I've been wanting a Torchic for a very long time. <3 Torchic and Mudkip for my two shiny starters? :3 Are they both touched or only Torchic?

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