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Default Re: Pokelord's Reffing Records

Hypocrisy is Fun vs Siberian Tiger vs Raptor Jesus vs Bumblebee16 vs Near vs HKim vs Sequentio vs gun6 vs Brizer vs Jack of Clovers

1 mon each
Hit-all hit one
No Sleep moves (including Rest)
No Evasion
No Holds
No Perish Song/Destiny Bond
KO a mon to alter your ability

Hypocrisy is Fun with Jolteon
Siberian Tiger with Starmie
RaptorJesus with Slaking
Bumblebee16 with Gardevoir
Near with Breloom A
HKim with Breloom B
Sequentio with Umbreon
gun6 with Lickilicky
Brizer with Snorlax
Jack of Clovers with Wynaut

I had a power cut in between the FFA, and many people had left by the time I returned, so HKim, Siberian Tiger and I came to the decision to award 2k to each of the people that had left.

Hypocrisy is Fun gets $1000.
Jack of Clovers gets $1000.
Brizer gets $2000.
gun6 gets $2000.
Sequentio gets $2000.
RaptorJesus gets $2000.
HKim gets $3000.
SiberianTiger gets $3500.
Near gets $4000.
Bumblebee16 wins and gets $4500.
I should get $5000 for reffing

Salary: $49,000


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