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Default Re: Individual RP: F.D.

"So, Nick. Do you want a Breloom?" Ranger Jake asked me.

I thought to myself for a while, before deciding that it would be a good choice, mainly because it can learn a move not many Pokémon can, Spore.

“Uhh, yeah, I think I will try and catch this little bugger.” I said in response to Jake’s question.

I thought for a while about what Pokémon to use, before deciding.

“Ryoichi, I won’t need you for this battle, so take a rest.” I calmly said as I returned my Raichu into its Pokéball. “Your turn now, James!” I shouted, as I threw a standard red and white Pokéball into the air. The hinges in the middle of the Pokéball opening up, releasing my Shiftry, which was surrounded by leaves from the seal I had attached to its Pokéball capsule. James stood there, staring at the Shroomish. I could tell both of them were ready for a fight.

“James, I want you to use a Sunny Day to get your speed up, and then use Razor Leaf, got it?”

James nodded as I finished my sentence, indicating to me that he understood all of what I said. He threw him arms up into the air, and then slowly began to spin, which make a bright orange glow begin to surround his body, It was sort of like he was asking the gods for the suns ray’s to get a lot more intense. After he finished using his Sunny Day attack, James swung both of his leafy hands behind his body, and then quickly swung them forward, which caused two long rows of extremely sharp leaves to go flying towards the male Shroomish’s small body.

~ Nick .
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