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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

OHSHI. I'm alive!
And I'd like a female Roserade, please.

"Sure," was the enthusiastic response the scientist received.

Ahead, Leo pushed through varied vegetation, palm-like fans and flowers with large petals lining the path. Below, baby Pokemon were making squeaking sounds as the sun found openings in the flora. Several Wurmple and Pachirisu scurried around in delight. To his right, Leo spotted a beautiful rose bush, teaming with new blooms. He stuck his nose close, expecting to get a whiff of something amazing. Instead, he was met with the sharp eyes of a Roserade.

"It's a Roserade!" the Ranger exclaimed.

Seq turned from watching the small Pokemon skitter about. "It is! Oh, this would be a wonderful addition to my team! It could help Elizabeth with pollination!"

With a flick of his hand, a Pokeball appeared. "Come on out - Erutis!"

"KIIISSUUU!" From the ball emerged a bright, shining bird-like Pokemon. She smiled before gliding down to the ground to take a look at her newest opponent.
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