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Default Re: |||Eevee's Shiny, Event, and EV Thread||| Now Open! :D

Originally Posted by Myuu View Post
GAMESTP Jirachi (Haven't picked it up from PokeMart) GMS
GAMESTP Deoxys (Haven't picked it up from PokeMart) GMS
WISHMKR Jirachi- 20043- Brave- Somewhat Stubborn-Touched
WORLD09 Weavile- 08159- Jolly- Proud of its power New
These are the events I'm interested in. If you're interested in trading them everything in my thread I'll trade to you for them.
Lvl 50 PALCITY Lucario UT - Modest
Lvl 70 10 ANIV Espeon UT- Quiet
Lvl 70 10 ANIV Umbreon UT - Lonely
Lvl 10 MYSTRY Mew UT - Modest **

Can I have these? Also, what kind of Jirachi and Deoxy do you want me to soft-reset for if anything specific?
And all the events you want I will need to get cloned first if you don't mind. :3

Originally Posted by poochyenawolf View Post
hey what do you want for these i have almost every pokemon
10 ANIV Celebi- 00010 -Serious- Thoroughly Cunning-Touched GMS (Didn't know the rarity when I was little. Haha.)
10ANNIV Raikou- 06227- Bold- Likes to Relax New
10ANNIV Suicune- 06227-Bold- Sturdy Body New
out of my head i could offer:
phione, dratini, piplup, chimchar, turtwig, chamnader, chikorita, cyndaquil, and many more
Do you have any shinies or events? =/ I have all those Pokemon. No offence. >_<;

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