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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Wow, I just wrote a lengthy article to post on PE2K, I post it, five minutes later to realize somebody else beat me to the punch. xP

I'm very interested in the contents of these games. When the games come out next year, I doubt I'll get both, especially with the economy being what it is and my mom switching jobs again, but I'll try.

If it's Black and White, it's possible the third color could be Gray as opposed to Brown.

@arcemegus and Vanity: arcemegus is right; Arceus is very comparable to Zeus, especially with the judgement move, although I prefer to compare him to Elder Eros.

I want to see the return of the Pokéwalker to Pokémon Black and White. I love walking with my Lapras... which reminds me.

If they make a Lapras evolution, Geoffrey will wreck absolute havoc. @____@
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