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Default Jellyfish Ref Logging


No items
Random weather

Zombie Muse vs Near
Swampert, Metagross and Salamence vs Jolteon, Breloom and Togekiss.

It started out decently well for Near, as he Yawned Swampert, and the battle slid into his favour. Metagross took out Breloom with a neatly timed Explosion, and Salamence took out Togekiss. Jolteon owned Salamence with a Thunder and a Charge Beam, which earned Near a Special Attack boost. It all came down to Jolteon vs Swampert:

iamnotyou11 (23:09:52): IF IT SLEEPS I WIN YHYHYHYH.
BlueJelloJelly (23:10:12): Swampert awakes, EQs, KOs, gg.

Zombie Muse: $1000
Near: $500

Me: $1500

Wages: $1500

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