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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Player
Appearance: A Generic Person holding a Wiimote and Nunchuck.

A attacks:
AAA: Jabs with Wiimote
UpA: Swings the Nunchuck upward at enemy
DwnA: Attacks by sliding a Wii Fit Board forward into your enemy.
FwdA: Swings the Nunchuck forward at enemy.

Grab: Wraps enemy in the sensor bar cord, and beats the living daylight out of him with the sensor bar.

B attacks:
Fwd B:
Up B: Swings Wiimote to use Fishing Rod, to grab on ledge or draw an enemy near.
Dwn B: 'Pauses the game' for a second to escape, while doing so, the word 'pause' appears

Final Smash: Ultimate Simulation Game
B: Pulls out Wiimote Light-saber attachment and equips as item
Fwd B: Pulls out Wii Wheel attachment hops in a car to drive (similar to Wario Bike)
Up B: Pulls out Wii Blaster and equips as an item
Dwn B: Pulls out caffeine bar and eats to recover health (10% recovery)

How to Unlock: Complete the Subspace Emissary and unlock all masterpieces demos and play them all.
Unlock Challenge Stage: Pictochat
Description after unlocking: The ultimate game addict!

Name: Louie
Game: Pikmin 2

A attacks:
AAA: Rocket Fist
UpA: Punches Up
DwnA: Punches Low
FwdA: Does a stronger punch.

Grab: Weighs enemy down with pikmin so he/she can't move and punches.

B attacks:
B: Pikmin Pluck
Fwd B: Pikmin Throw
Up B: Pikmin Order
Dwn B: Eats Pikpik carrot and recovers health (7%)'

Final Smash: Pure Hunger
The shipment of golden pikpik carrots falls next to him, and he eats it all, completely recovering health. He lets out a burp of Ultra Bitter pray, petrifying all enemies in a massive area in front of him. (about as big as a completely 'puffed up' Jigglypuff.)

How to Unlock: Complete Boss Battles with Olimar and play with Olimar on the Distant Planet stage 20 times.
Unlock Challenge Stage: Distant Planet
Description after unlocking: Olimar's Overweight Sidekick!

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