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Event Pokemon

All Pokemon are UT unless specified.
Italicized Pokemon have questionable legitimacy.
Also, I have several of the same events sometimes with different descriptions. I'm just looking for one of each event out there, not one of every description, nature, etc. Just putting the info up for those that like specifics. :3
Also also, all Pokemon have their items unless specified.
Also also also, GMS= Got myself, NFT=Not for trade unless something really good. Only reason is because some of these events mean a lot to me as I went to those events. For instance Celebi, it was my first Video Game Tournament and I got to the semi-finals there too. I'm sure other people would feel the same.

10 ANIV Celebi- 00010 -Serious- Thoroughly Cunning-Touched GMS (Didn't know the rarity when I was little. Haha.)
10ANNIV Raikou- 06227- Bold- Likes to Relax New
10ANNIV Suicune- 06227-Bold- Sturdy Body New

TRU Events
TRU Manaphy- 09297- Quiet- Somewhat Stubborn New
Alamos Darkrai- 05318- Timid- A little quick temperedGMS
TRU Dragonite- 11088- Mild- Often dozes off GMS
TRU Arceus- 11079- Mild- Hates to lose GMS
TRU Arceus- 11079-Lax - Proud of its power GMS
TRU Regigigas- 03089- Adamant- Strongly defiant GMS
TRU Shaymin- 02089- Impish- Mischievous GMS

Gamestop Events
GAMESTP Pichu- 01300- Jolly- Strong willed GMS
GAMESTP Pichu- 01300- Jolly- Impetuous and silly GMS
GAMESTP Jirachi (Haven't picked it up from PokeMart) GMS
GAMESTP Deoxys (Haven't picked it up from PokeMart) GMS

Hayley Events
Staravia- 01000- Jolly- Highly PersistentGMS
Buneary- 01000- Mild- Good enduranceGMS
Shellos- 01000- Relaxed- Scatters things oftenGMS
Ponyta- 01000- Naughty- Strongly defiantGMS
Yanma- 01000- Naughty- Highly Persistent GMS
Phione- 01000- Naive- Highly Persistent GMS

Misc. Events
Shiny MYSTRY MEW - 06930- Brave- Somewhat Stubborn (My sister got this off of GTS)
WISHMKR Jirachi- 20043- Brave- Somewhat Stubborn-Touched
WORLD08 Lucario- 08178-Adamant- Likes to thrash about
WORLD09 Weavile- 08159- Jolly- Proud of its power New
Shiny PALCITY Lucario- 07157- Modest- Proud of its power
Shokotan Pichu- 06199- Jolly- A little quick tempered
Movie Shaymin- 07198- Mild- Likes to thrash about
Video Game Championship US (VGC09) Shiny Milotic- 05099- Timid- Quick to flee GMS NFT (Anymore hehe. I have hard proof I went to that event.)
RUBY Zigzagoon- 30317-Careful Somewhat Vain New

Lawl. Most of these events turned out to have been obtained by myself.

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