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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse

Titus scuffled up the short hill as he looked at his watch which read ‘6:04’. He was late. Not terribly late like he has been in the past, but still late. He looked forward and saw a lushes green tree and his ranger in front. He kept walking until his feet got tangled up in themselves and he face planted on the ground. He quickly arose in self imposed laughter. He tried laughing the embarrassment away as he got closer to his ranger and her Golduck.

As he approached her and took one final step and planted his feet. He shot out a hand, and presented a gleeful smile as he said,
“Hi, Ren! My name’s Titus, although you probably already know that. I like your Golduck… anyway; it’s very nice to meet you... and uh... nope, I don't think I have any questions, but I wouldn't count on me keeping quiet for long hehe... it's my first time.” He hoped his kindness and innocence would distract the fact that he fell just a few seconds ago.

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OOC: Am I doing it right... or okay?

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