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Default Re: MK's British Ref Log (with added tea)

~Gym Battle. Trovita Gym~

AIM, 1v1 x 3 (Electric, Flying, Ghost), Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items (Helds on), Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause

[Leader] Ataro: Electivire, Togekiss, Mismagius
[Challenger] Near: Jolteon, Salamence, Gengar

Electivire VS Jolteon:

Electivire's initial Rock Tomb missed and Yawn gave it a 4 turn sleep roll. It then turned pretty much into a luck battle where Near was triumphant.

0 - 1

Togekiss VS Salamence:

Togekiss got lucky when Salamence's second Stone Edge missed.

1 - 1

Mismagius VS Gengar:

Mismagius got a 2 turn sleep.

1 - 2

Near: $3000 + some badge
Ataro: $1500

Me: $1500

Current Salary: $1500
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