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Default Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?


Sarah's HG Progress(o)

Badges - 0
Pokemon seen - 19
Pokemon Obtained - 11
Version - HeartGold
Gender - Female.

The Log.
~Choose Totodile, after a debate between It and Chicorita.
~Meet Mr.Pokemon
~Trained and trained
~Battled Rival
~Trained Some more
~Walked on Pokewalker to get Wobbuffet! <3
~Trained/ Caught Pokemanzz
~Went to Sprout Tower
~Complete Sprout Tower
...... and more

Tha Pokemanzzz!

Male Spearow Lvl 12
Caught with pokeball

Female Oddish Lvl 12
Traded from friend

Male Croconaw lvl 18

(Wobbuffet's G'D up From the Feet up!)
Female Wobbuffer lvl 15
Caught from pokewalker

Now Wish me Luck!


Made by me
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