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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
Flare: Eh, you mean the URPG in general, or the Park, or...I'm confused XD.

Now then, here are the major things we've discussed and in some cases already decided:
  1. Park prices will be lowered by 50% for x number of weeks (I think two is sufficient) in order to allow bURPGers to automatically jump into the Park without spending too much time getting money for it first. OR we can offer a one-time Shop Credit, perhaps $3,000, as well as a one-time half-off Entry Fee/Extra Pokemon Permit, which I honestly like better. It would be a bit more to keep track of, but by the time they're done with their first visit and are able to come into the Park again, bURPGers should have more than enough money to pay normal prices for everything.
    • PROPOSAL: Offer a one-time Shop Credit ($3,000?) that lets bURPGers get necessary items such as Park Balls, as well as a one-time half-off pass on the Entry Fee and all Extra Pokemon Permits.

  2. The Main RP will be broken down into its separate areas and each area given its own thread. DECIDED

  3. The Main RP and the Individual RPs should have their own sub-boards.
    • PROPOSAL: So far we've got Harry and Erai who back this. I'd like to see what the rest of you think. If you agree I'll ask Phoenix to add a third sub-forum and all. I suggest that all Stickies currently in the RP sub-board here be copied and pasted into both sub-boards if we do this, so a person doesn't have to constantly jump from one sub-board to another in order to access the Stickies. If the Main RP gets its own sub-board the area threads won't be Stickied, since there'd be no reason to do so.

  4. There will be two Front Gates; one here and one at 'Garden. The Front Gate for the Main RP will be Stickied and be shared for all areas, as will be the case here. There will also be a Front Gate Sticky for the Individual RP sub-board, but it will technically be the same as the one for the Main RP. DECIDED


I think right now these are the main points that need to be addressed.
I think that having some form of credit, or discount, will definitely help attract attention, and draw people into the Park. If you think back to when you first started, $3,500 for entry and then however much it costs for the items would seem like a lot, especially when you're not experienced in a URPG Profession like reffing or grading. I think you should probably go with what you've come up with, it seems pretty fair, not too much or too little. Maybe raise the credit to $5,000 though, I dunno if that's too generous or not.

I also agree with the Main RP and Individual RPs being separated into different sub-boards. It seems like the best way to keep things tidy, especially if the different outposts of the Main RP will have their own threads.

I don't really know what else you want or need me to comment on, so I'll just leave it there.
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

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