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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Okay, so it seems we all want a set rolling method.

1-5 = Common
6-9 = Uncommon
10-12 = Intermediate
13-14 = Rare
15 = Legend

This will be the way to roll for Mon in the future.

As for the Special Map...I was thinking to lower the price, or maybe to get rid of it completely and just combine the Special Pokemon with the Rare. I like the idea of having special areas you can only reach with the Map, but no one ever buys them these days and 5,000 (and even 3,000) is a lot to spend when you might not run into any Rare Pokemon. So I think it's better to either lower it so it's not such a blow to someone's money or get rid of it entirely. What do you guys think would be best?

Also, don't forget to comment on the others issues I've listed a few posts ago. If I don't get any feedback on some of this stuff in a few more days I'll have to start deciding things myself @__@.
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