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Default Re: Getting easy watts on the pokewalker any ideas??

I've figured it out!! ^-^

I was all Insomniac last night and got Yellow forest at like 2:40 my time and was trying to get watts while laying in bed and wasn't getting any. And since it was pretty much 3 in the morning I wasn't going to walk around so I looked up more on how a pedometer works and it went on about how it could sense the vibrations when your feet hit the ground and the motion of your hips which makes the sensor move "foward". Now I figured shaking a pedometer up and down like you would think would make sense won't make a sensor move foward so I shook it back and forth and the steps went up like crazy...

So easy steps and watts when you can't go walking around or you're just a lazy bum. Place your thumb on TOP of Pokewalker, fingers below the buttons and hold the screen away from your hips then just bump it up against your hips making it go foward and back NOT up and down. I think you'll see a major improvement from shaking it up and down...

So try it out and tell me if it works for you, maybe I was just lucky doing that or too tired and thought it worked better than it does but hopefully it works pretty well for everyone. Good luck shaking and walking!
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