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Default Moderator HKim hospitalized from overdosing

Today is a sad day as I have just received news from RYT Hospital about Harry's serious condition. Apparently during 10pm last night, he was found in his house lying in a pool of his own vomit and sweat. It is believed that he may have been unconscious and/or confused during this time when the ambulance arrived. Upon hospitalization at the RYT Hospital, he was found to have a severe condition known as hyponatremia, a common consequence of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) overdose. The doctors have told me that he has somewhat stabilized while in the intensive care unit, and I will keep you guys posted on Harry's condition as I get more information. In addition, I have already sent him his laptop to the hospital in case he wakes up early. I obviously will not be logging onto his laptop to post that he's fine when he actually isn't. I am not that cruel.

The doctors said they didn't know why Harry overdosed on DHMO, but I sort of knew it was a matter of time. I mean just look at that guy. He's all like "uppity up" whenever you see him. He had to be on something that'll make him that happy. It wasn't long until I found out that Harry was taking DHMO as a sports enhancement drug and also as a way to solve his relationship problems. I mean, it was all over that website. I tried to get him off this stuff, but he just...didn't listen. I should have kept a better eye on him...

I just wish I could have stopped him from taking DHMO in time. If he recovers from this serious blight, I'm going to enter him into rehab as soon as possible. This is unacceptable behaviour on my part as well, and I take partially the responsibility as to why Harry overdosed. Please support us in one Harry's toughest moments in life and also support the ban on such a dangerous chemical as DHMO.

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