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Default Shocking Ranger Log

Ranger: Micah Hawthorn
RPs in progress: 2
RPs completed: 1
Money Paid: $6,000

NBP Ranger Micah Hawthorn ====================
Description here.
or Name: Location: =Area= Repellant (if any): Encounters Remaining: Items: =Trainer's Pokemon= [Animated Sprite] Pokemon: Name: Gender: Ability: Nature: TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Status: In Ball Out Of Ball In Battle Health: 100% 60% 20% =Expedition Info= Pokemon Encountered: Pokemon Caught:
Times Paid*

After RP #1, NBP #4 of RP #2, and NBP #2 of RP #3

*In the posts, a represents when paid.
Paired with the amazing and wonderful Tsuki. <3

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