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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Shadow The Hedgehog
Game: Sonic
How To Unlock: have Shadow join you in Subspace Emmisary,or beat classic mode on hard with Sonic
-Normal- -Gun-
B-Homing spin B-chargeblast
sideB-Spin shot sideB-power shot
upB-spring jump (does not do front flips like sonic) upB-aerial shot(shoots downwards and moves upwards from the force
downB-Gun Blast(changes to gun mode) downB-spinblast(changes to normal mode)

Final Smash: Becomes SuperShadow (Exactly like SuperSonic)

Another character:
Megaman EXE
How to unlock: beat target test on level 3, or unlock on subspace emmisaary
B-charge shot
upB-areasteel(teleports in what direction the player chooses[like fox's upB])
Z-yoyo(like Link's hookshot)
Final Smash-Crossfusion(becomes crossfusion Megaman and his attack, defense, speed, jump height, and firering speed are doubled.)

3rd character:
Deoxys(Normal form/Attack form/Defense form/Speed form)
-Normal- -Attack-
B-pulse ball(like mewtwo's) B-pulse ball(like mewtwo's)
sideB-small explosion right next to him sideB-multiple attacks in front of him
upB-flies upward upB-flies upward
DownB-transform(changes to Attack mode) DownB-transform(changes to Defense mode)

-Defense- -Speed-
B-pulse ball(like mewtwo's) B-pulse ball(like mewtwo's)
sideB-barrier(hold down button) sideB-very fast but weak beam shoots forward
upB-flies upward upB-flies fast upwards
DownB-transform(changes to Speed mode) DownB-transform(changes to Normal mode)

Final smash-floats a little bit above where he was, and creates many dark copies (like in destiny deoxys) that shoot in all directions and hurt anyone who toches them.

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