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Default Re: Fanfic of the Year 2009 Winners!

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Well CrazyLopunny, these winners were announced recently (generally at the start of 2010, although it was a little late this year).

There will be, near the end of 2010, a place to register your stories for the contest. And you aren't guarenteed to make it in - I entered in both SonicX: Dark Storm and (currently on hiatus) SonicX: New Moon and didn't make it. It just takes luck, and a big vocabulary XD

Oh, and...*Eats Charmander's bowl of ice cream* <3
In general, I start registration early August, and end it late August. Judges have to go through a LOT of stories, so we made sure that they have ample to time to read it all. In fact, we are considering making registration some time in June or July so that we can make the December/January deadline more readily. Of course, I'll keep you people posted when time comes.

Once again, you can't win if you don't enter. ;)
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