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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

"Is this the Pokemon you wanted to summon?"

"Not really, but I love these too," I said, excitement bursting on my face.

I pushed my hand in my pocket, and brought out a Pokeball, releasing the flame monkey again.

"Time for a battle, Infernape," I said, with a smile, as Infernape spotted the cute little baby Pokemon hidden slightly in the grass, but still visible clearly.

The grinning Munchlax too became cautious, sensing a fight.

"Listen, Infernape, begin with a Brick Break first, and try and get close to Munchlax, then when you're near blast a Flamethrower at it to weaken it further," I said. "But be careful not to knock it out, and don't let the flames spread out too much, keep them controlled," I finished.

Infernape readied himself, as the vigilant Munchlax looked on carefully. I had seen him perforn the attack so many times, and Jake had too, once or twice, when I visited the park last time.

He crossed his arms making an "X" with them, focusing hard on the target. He stood still and closed his eyes, and looked almost as if he had gone to sleep. After a few moments of absolute silence, he unfolded his arms and rushed towards Munchlax, where he would bring back his arms together into the same "X" formation, completing the attack.

However, at the same time, Infernape was breathing very hard, trying to take in as much oxygen as possible, and the flames on his back, arms and head started burning with more intensity. Small flames started building in his mouth, which he would unleash on the Munchlax after completing the Brick Break attack.


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