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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
That doesn't tell me anything! Are you referring to the Group RP's where there are only like around 6ish people in a group or that the Group RP section you referenced above is the Main RP section?
Hah, you confused me at first, since we were calling the Main RP Group RP when this first started. Group RPs, when they happen, would go in the Main RP sub-board, since they're basically replacements of Missions.

Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
Currently, I wanted to try out the concept of Mission RPs as team RPs. Hopefully, this may work out. Who knows.

If this works, I have a few other ideas in storage :3 And seeing how this goes, "normal" Team RP may be discussed (although I think that real "Team" should only be special occasion. Nothing stops you from saying at the Front Gate "I want to meet up with X, so we'll both be going in the Main RP")
I think we're going to replace Missions with Group RPs. Less of a hassle and is more like traditional RPing. As for special Team RPs, it would need to be something REALLY special to differentiate them from Group RPs. Perhaps Team RPs can be ones in which the plot of the Park is expanded, while Group RPs are just special RPs in which a group of people gets together to accomplish such-and-such goal and get a reward out of it?

Also, I'd like to know what your guys' ideas on those undecided points I mention in my list-post are. I want to get these things decided as soon as possible.

EDIT: Also, I wanted to point out that inter-forum meetings should not be permitted. If a person @ PE2K and a person @ Garden are in the same area and are both in the Main RP, they won;t be able to meet. This is because both the Rangers and Trainers would have to bounce back and forth between both forums, either that or post the same thing on both forums. The only way people can meet in the Main RP is if all parties involved are on the same forum.

EDIT2: Also, which threads do you guys think need to remain Stickied over there, and which ones could we possibly do without or combine with existing threads?
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