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Default Re: Aie's Public Apology

Ah, dun worry, everyone here acts like an ass at some point or another. The great thing is we're capable of moving past stuff like that; everyone has their days, good and bad, and sometimes it's impossible to bring real-life troubles into what you post at a forum. We all snap at one another and say things we regret, but it happens to everyone and we understand.

I'm glad to see you're sticking with this and that any misunderstandings that have arisen haven't chased you off or made you overly bitter towards us. Hopefully we can put all this behind us and move forward without any more complications. However, whereas we must allow some room for you, you must allow room for us. Our forum operates differently from yours, mostly in regards to the langauge filter. Even though Garden doesn't censor cursing, we do here at PE2K, and I don't think it's asking too much for you to honor our rule about it while posting here. Sure, we'll have to deal with it at Garden (and honestly I don't really care much, it's no different to me to read it than to hear it), but that's there and this is here.

Anyways, get your happy ass back to those discussion threads and post more. Also, you might want to consider selecting someone to help you represent and speak for Garden here, perhaps a GMod or an Admin or someone. That way all the strain wouldn't fall directly on you.
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