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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Name: Snow (No last name)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Snow stands in at an impressive six-foot five, easily towering over most anyone, including Lightning, though he doesn't attempt to act intimidating. Snow usually has a bandana tied on top of his head like a beanie, letting his light blonde hair poke out around his ears and forehead, a few locks almost in his bright blue eyes, and he had a light stubble from not shaving recently. His common attire consists of a white zip-up shirt half unzipped, a white, trenchcoat-length coat with tattered sleeves stopping at his elbows, somewhat baggy jeans held on by a brown belt, black boots and a blue scarf looped through his belt and hanging half-out of his coat. He also commonly wears a pair of black zip-up gloves, and even though he has yet to propose, he wears his engagement pendant around his neck at all times, as well as a pair of dog tags. His L'Cei brand is on his left arm, just above his wrist.

Personality: Snow is a straightforward, rather impulsive guy. With a strong set of morales, uncrushable confidence and belief in those he calls friends, and enough spirit to inspire even Xanthros's cold heart with his unwavering resolve, Snow is easily the sort of man you can't help but feel safe around. His devotion to protecting his friends is almost as strong as his neverending enthusiasm and bottomless well of optimism. This doesn't mean he doesn't understand the situations; he simply chooses to see things in a positive light. Snow has the uncanny ability to look Death in the face and push his way out of the situation somehow, usually through his brute strength. Snow often acts on instinct, which can sometimes lead to rough situations, but he means well, and even if he does yell, he'll never throw a punch if it's someone who doesn't deserve it. Even though Snow fell in love with Sera almost as soon as he met her, he's made sure it wasn't just infatuation before deciding on proposing. His fear is that Lightning will take offense and hit him or, even worse, keeping him from seeing Sera. Snow's never-give-up spirit has made him a source of inspiration for everyone who's worked with him.

Class: L'Cei (Brawler)

Alliance: King's army

History: Snow is an old acquaintance of Lightning, the two having met in battle when she and her sister were attacked by robbers. Lightning had been disarmed, and Snow arrived in time to save the day, much to Lightning's chargrin. Shortly after meeting the L'Cei and her sister Sera, Snow fell in love with Sera, to the point that he went with Lightning to help fight against Xanthros. As his magic is channeled naturally into his muscles and only that, Snow is a juggernaut of physical strength on the battlefield, with punches strong enough to crush normal armor when junctioned to stronger magic elements. Snow's strongest ability, Diamond Dust, creates a whirlwind of subzero air around him, encasing all enemies around him in ice and dealing Ice element damage to enemies close enough to be harmed that avoided the ice. While fighting against Xanthros's soldiers, he came across a pair of engagement pendants, and plans to propose to Sera as soon as Xanthros is defeated. He and Sera have been writing letters since the war started, but she doesn't know Snow is going to propose. The two share the same feelings for each other, despite the differences in social standing.

Snow was an orphan, his parents having died at a young age. This doesn't seem to have impacted on his personality by much, but the hope of one day having a family of his own is what drives him to succeed despite the odds. So far, he's been the only one with the strength to punch through Xanthros's lines. Though he's only considered to be a soldier, even his location's commander looks up to Snow.

Pokémon: None.

Other: Snow has been sending letters back and forth between him and Sera, and they share their feelings for each other. Snow hasn't told Sera about finding the engagement pendants, as he wants to propose in person when the war's over. This, combined with his desire to one day have a family of his own, is what makes him work even harder on the battlefield.
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