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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Trainer Brisbane
Outer Heavens

My third ranger- am I really that unlucky, they keep changing? - introduced himself, making a light joke to break the ice. I smiled- he looked a sweet person. Like Marshmallows. I'll call him Marshmallow-san from now on.

"- your Hyperball's stopped rocking. You gonna name her?"

"Hm... maybe, Marshmallow..." I replied without thinking- it probably sounded like I was naming the Drifloon... Come to think of it, it wasn't that bad a name for it. "I still haven't decided, in all honesty. I'll think about it later, but for now, why won't we go rest under there?" I continued pointing at a tree mane erupting from a nearby platform. "I'd love to sit there a little while and enjoy the scenery- it really doesn't feel like I'm having an expedition for Pokemon here, honestly." I flashed him a friendly smile for good measure.

"Saudaje, you coming?" I asked my Pokemon, who had got up quite gracefully and looked- my word!- very much like a different Pokemon altogether- she was relaxed, healthy. Strong.

Depending on what Pokemon I would be facing next, she could try to take it on as well- seeing how she was still under the soothing effects of Calm Mind- but probably I wouldn't have let her enter another battle this soon. She deserved to rest up a little.

Making my way towards the tree, the Ranger following- even though he's supposed to guide, I thought with a chuckle- and my Jynx on my other side, I started whistling a random tune as I patted her blonde hair, silently praising her for a job well done. We soon arrived under there, and I stretched out before sitting under there, a soothing chirping noise ringing in my head- I hoped there was no nest I was disturbing on that tree.

"So how did you end up becoming a Ranger?" I suddenly asked.
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