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Default -Conclusion-

If you have a problem with another member (cheating; refs aren’t fair or doing a poor job; graders too hard; etc…), DO NOT post your complaint in the forum. There will be no arguments and fighting in the URPG boards. Please IM messages to talk to the other person or you can always contact a Moderator and they can help figure a way to deal with it.

Have an idea? A question about one of the rules? Go to the URPG Related Chat thread and post what you have to say. Check the rules above first, your question just might already be answered.

-Online Chat Room-
Yes, the URPG has a chat in the AIM messenger. All you have to do is send yourself to the room anytime you want. If no one is there, you can just wait and find something else to occupy your time. Talk with other members, challenge, have fun, discuss. Hopefully this will spread the communication between member to make the group more together.
*Chat name: URPG Chat


Now that you’ve read the rules, or at least glanced at them, post for your starter Pokémon here and begin the fun here at The Ultra RPG. Please respect the rules and member and enjoy!

Don't forget to read the PE2K Forum Rules and check the FAQ area. Thanks!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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