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Default Re: Fanfic of the Year 2009 Winners!

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Wow, really? I totally didn't expect to win! Thanks so much guys! =DDDD

And congrats to the other winners and nominees too!

And yesh, don't give up, Grassy!

I know how you feel Charmander, I'm really excited because of this! Makes me want to write more of the story now! XD

Hey, my life may be turned upside down right now due to family issues, and ACT may also be coming up (a day after my birthday, no less! Happy birthday to me >.<), but I'm sick of being a quitter. Besides, Doomsday - the at least the paragraph I've gotten done - is looking better than the other two. I'm excited XD

Wow. Calm down Charmander! Get off the sugar XD
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