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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

• Name: Brayden (Put some sorta last name here)
• Name Meaning: English: Broad Hillside, Irish: Brave
• Alias: Winnie, Winnie the Pooh (long story don’t ask)
• Join date: Friday, the 4th of April, 2008 (4/4/08)
• DOB: 5/12/1995
• Age: Well, if you can work it out, you’re smarter than me :(
• Birthplace: Darwin, Australia
• Location: Gosford, Australia
• Sex: Male
• Race*: 1/8 Swedish, 7/8 British
• Ethnicity*: uhhh... ashiest?
• Status: Lonely :(
• Orientation: Straight
• Occupation: High school/University Student
• Grade: 9
• Family: 1 Father, 1 Mother, and 1 horribly evil little sister
• Pets: 2 Purebred Siberian Huskies named; Blizzard and Storm

• Height: 165cm
• Weight: Who knows...
• Shoe Size: 9
• Eye Color: Blue/Hazel
• Hair Color: Dark Blonde
• Piercings: None
• Tattoos: None

• Color: Green
• Number: 12
• Animal: Wolf
• Pokιmon: Poochyena, Mightyena, Luxray and Ninetales
• Flower: Rose
• Food: Pie of any kind is good
• Candy: Chocolate
• Restaurant: This nice little place in Queensland called “Sizzler”

• Movie: Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children
• Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
• Animated Series: The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy
• Non-animated TV Series: Malcolm in the Middle
• Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh (:o), Death Note
• Comedian: Anh Do
• Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp
• Video Game: Pokιmon and Final Fantasy
• Console: My good ol’ PS2
• Singer: Fergie
• Band: The Living End
• Song: The Anthem
• Favorite Music Genre: I got no idea what any are XD
• Album:

• Character: (Cartoon, Show, etc.)
• Quote: “We have all the time in the world, we just have to realise that life goes on beyond this realm” ‘Tis a personal belief of mine.
• Book: The Inheritance Trilogy
• Clothing Brand: Anything I can find
• Season: Winter
• Day of the Week: Friday
• Month: Decmeber
• Sport to play/watch: Tennis
• Languages spoken: English, some Japanese, and very little French (learning both)
• Places traveled: All around Australia, and to the East Coast of America (San Diago, Disneyland, Los Angeles)
• Hobbies: Video Games, Card Collecting, Drawing, Writing stories (they all fail but XD)
• Tags/Keywords: Pie is life

• MySpace: Ewww, no way.
• FaceBook: Yeh, but only for ma close buds
• twitter: DEAR GOD NO!
• AIM: darkdrakk
• YIM: n/a
• MSN: n/a
• IGQ: n/a
• Skype: none as of yet
• DeviantArt: none as of yet


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